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My Testimony

Bill Johnson

The night of April 24, 1975, my life changed forever. That night I decided to go home early, instead of hanging out with friends. Upon arriving home, instead of following my usual habits, I went into the living room and sat down. While sitting there, I picked up a Bible and began to thumb through it. Romans 3:23, then Romans 6:23, on and on it went. It was all revealed to me: my sin and my need for a Savior. I knelt there by the fireplace and gave my life to Jesus. He has led, guided and loved me into the present day.

A month later I was invited to go to breakfast with a few men. It was a Full Gospel men’s breakfast. A man gave his testimony, then did ministry. While watching the ministry, a man across the table asked me if I had received the baptism in the Holy Ghost. My answer was a question. "Is it of God?" As a new Christian going to a mainline church, I had never heard of such things. I knew salvation was such a wonderful thing that if there was more from God I was ready. So I went forward for prayer. They laid hands and prayed for me, and while standing there praising Jesus, I began to speak things I didn’t understand. This was strange to me because no one had explained to me what to expect.

I have felt a call to evangelism and ministry almost from the first day of my salvation. It has been my life and what brings me joy. Especially when harvesting. After moving from the mainline church to Rockford First Assembly, I soon began to attend Christian Life School of the Bible. I had received Christian Worker papers. After graduating, I applied and received a License to Preach with the Assembly of God organization. I held these papers for about 2 years and then gave them back after seeing things in the organization that I did not agree with.

Now here I am, in my later years, and I see God bringing me full circle back to His call on my life. Many open doors to go and present the Gospel where others do not seem to be going. We must publish the Gospel to all nations and peoples. He is confirming His work with what some call miracles, but I call them His promises. Mark 16: "These signs shall follow."

I am at present an Ordained Minister under the covering and authority of Rock Church (Rockford, Illinois) and the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies. Though I have the call of God, I feel I need to have those of spiritual maturity and experience to help guide me. Also, many times in foreign countries while ministering, there is a need to install pastors and officials, and I feel I need to be  in submission to God and an organization to be able to anoint others to the offices.

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