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Our logo is a picture of who we are and what flows to us from the Throne of God. The River of Grace that flows comes to us, and all mankind, through the cross of Jesus Christ. Only the revelation of the Holy Ghost of what Christ did on Calvary for us brings an awareness of that unending, ever-flowing, unstoppable love. Ephesians 4:7, God informs us that that grace comes to us according to the measure of Christ. There is no end to the flow of grace to us; Christ doesn't stop when the vessel is full. He continues to pour out until it overflows and splashes upon all who are around. I have personally experienced this in my life, and have watched Him pour out His grace upon whole villages. There are so many who do not know of His love, mercy and grace. The Lord is raising all of us up for this last hour, as He pours out His Spirit upon all flesh, that we may be vessels to carry His overflow into a world that is waiting and crying out for HIM.

Having been in about 30 countries (many several times) on missions trips, the Lord finally got me to a place I could run no more. I had finally said yes to the call on my life. I had decided to transition into full-time missions work. My heart is toward going to unreached people groups. Watching the Holy Ghost reveal Jesus and bring multitudes to Himself. What joy fills your heart when you see hundreds saved in a single day! The Lord was leading me to start a ministry to help fund His work. Yet I was hesitant to move forward, or even share what I thought the Lord was telling me.

One afternoon, while in Ghana, we were sitting and talking when a Nigerian brother began to speak into my life about the platform that needed to be set in place to minister to the multitudes. That was the beginning of the ministry; I could not deny the Spirit anymore. When I asked the Lord what the name was to be, He gave me Ephesians 4:7. I am witness to what He is doing, and I am honored to be able to travel and watch Him transform lives and places.

While traveling, witnessing and watching the Lord work, I noticed a lot of needs that I never felt able to meet. Everywhere you go there is great poverty; there are orphans that need a place to live and just one meal a day. You see multitudes get saved and need a church, a pastor, a Bible.

I have seen men preaching the Gospel who don't even own a Bible! They have never been to any kind of training or school. One pastor was starting his 10th church and did not have a Bible. We recently went to a village, preached, and over 160 souls came to Jesus. When we left, it began to dawn on me that we had just left hundreds of souls in a Muslim village, without a pastor, a church, or Bibles. Only the Holy Ghost can keep them until we are able to return with what they need.

Please find it in your heart to help those in need. Donate funds for Bibles. Help build a church or orphanage. Help pay a Pastor or send one to Bible school. Sponsor a child so they can eat every day, have clothes, and maybe attend school.

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